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The Hawai'i Public Health Association has the following committees:

New members are always welcome! To join a committee, email info@hawaiipublichealth.org.  

Committee on Governance

  • Prepare a report presenting the names of one or more members as nominee(s) for each office to be filled. These nominees have consented to serve if elected. This report shall be presented at the Annual Meeting of the Association where additional nominations may be made from the floor. The elections shall follow this report.
  • The Committee on Governance shall make and submit to the Board for Directors all proposed changes in the Constitution and By-Laws for approval prior to submission to the membership for vote.

Committee on Member Services

  • Solicit and encourage public health workers and others interested in public health to become members of the Association;
  • Receive all membership applications;
  • Remit as soon as possible to the Treasurer of the Association all monies received along with the names of the persons who paid dues;
  • Keep an accurate classified list of the membership of the Association with the address of each member.

Committee on Legislative & Government Relations

  • Shall review proposed Federal, County, and State legislation and make recommendations to the Board of Directors for possible action;
  • Shall make recommendations to the Board of Directors relative to needed public health legislation in the State of Hawaii for appropriate action.
  • May provide oral or written testimony in support or opposition of any bill as recommended in clause A or B of this section provided the approval of 1) the Legislative & Government Relations Committee Chair and 2) the majority of the Officers (for time-sensitive matters) or the majority of the Board of Directors (for all other matters);
  • Shall have at least one member on the Committee on Legislative & Government Relations who is an Officer of the Association.

Committee on Programs

  • Advise the Board of Directors as to the continuing education needs of the Association and assume responsibility for conducting continuing education programs sponsored by the Association as approved by a majority of the Board of Directors;
  • Arrange for the professional program of the Annual Meeting of the Association in cooperation with the Vice President who serves as the general chair for the Annual Meeting;
  • Organize special events as requested by the Board of Directors.

Committee on Fund Development & Finance

  • Consist of the following officers of the Association and one member-at-large: the Treasurer as Chairperson and the President.
  • Prepare a proposed budget for the operation of the Association and submit it to the Board of Directors for its consideration at its first regular meeting of the fiscal year.
  • Recommend to the Board of Directors any necessary changes in the dues structure of the Association that may be needed to meet the projected obligations of the Association.
  • Have an ad hoc subcommittee on Audit, as needed, consisting of three members, one of which shall be a member-at-large. The Treasurer shall not be a member of this subcommittee.

Committee on Marketing & Public Relations

  • Interpret the objectives and activities of the Association to other pertinent groups and to the public;
  • Assist in publicizing the program of the Annual Meeting to the membership;
  • Publish newsletters and information at intervals to inform the membership of developments in the Association and in public health matters.

Committee on Conference Planning (Ad hoc)

  • Planning and execution of public health conference.

New members are always welcome!

To join these committees, email info@hawaiipublichealth.org

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