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Mixed Plate Track

Have you, your organization, and/or community developed a creative approach to addressing a public health issue?  The Pacific Global Health Conference is seeking entries for its “Mixed Plate” track featuring drama education, film, art, public service announcements (radio and TV), photography, poetry, fiction, story telling and the use of other creative media to address public health priorities in Hawaii and the Pacific. “Mixed Plate” entries must include:

  • a description of the project, its objectives, target audience(s), and duration;
  • the medium employed;
  • the sponsors of the project;
  • the author(s) (who developed the project), their affiliation, and contact information.  

If the project was evaluated, or if outcomes were captured, please include the evaluation results and/or outcome data. Please submit your Mixed Plate entry to 2012pghc@gmail.com, and put the words “Mixed Plate” in the subject line.

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