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2023 Legislative Committee

The Hawaii Public Health Association's Legislative Committee is chaired by Dr. Leocadia Conlon. 

2023 Legislative session focus included:

  • Tobacco and vaping
  • Expanding scope of practice for PAs and APRNs in order to expand access to care
  • Protection of reproductive health access and rights in the state
  • DOE to stock bronchodilators for trained persons to administer at school for emergency use  during an asthma attack 
  • Extend the sunset date for the early lung cancer screening task force and extend the date for the task force to submit reports to the legislature

View the End of Session Summary

Testimony submitted in the 2023 Legislative Session:

HB664 Access to Respiratory Care 01.31.23.pdf

HB 537 Tax on e-cigarettes 02.01.23.pdf

HB1448 Related to Asthma 02.01.23.pdf

HB551, Prohibiting Flavored Tobacco 02.07.23.pdf

HB537 Tax on e-cigarettes 02.12.23.pdf

HB1449 Relating to Lung Cancer 02.12.23.pdf

SB975 Relating to tobacco regulation 02.12.23.pdf

SB1443 Related to Asthma 02.12.23.pdf

HB1448 Relating to asthma 02.13.23.pdf

HB551 HD1 Flavored Tobacco 02.23.23.pdf

HB537 HD2 Tax on e-cigarettes. 02.23.23 pdf

HB 537 HD2 Tax on ecigs 02.27.23.pdf

AB1 SD1 realted to healthcare abortion 02.27.23.pdf

HB 551 HD1 Prohibit Flavored Tobacco 02.27.23.pdf

SB975 SD2 Relating to tobacco regulation 03.13.23.pdf

SB599 SD1 HD1 03.20.23.pdf

SB975 SD2 HD1 Relating to tobacco regulation 03.20.23.pdf


HR201 HCR207 Lung Health 03.22.23.pdf

HR211 HCR207 Asthma 03.22.23.pdf

HR210_HCR206_relating to asthma 03.23.23.pdf

SB975 SD2 HD2 Relating to tobacco regulation 04.03.23.pdf

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